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About the International Society of Organoid Research

The International Society of Organoid Research (ISoOR) stands as the premier global association for researchers clinicians, and industry experts in organoid field. It is dedicated to integrating resources across academia, healthcare and industrial sectors to foster collaborations, promoting technological innovation and translation. By organizing international conferences and workshops, promoting international standards, publishing journals, and compiling industry updates, ISoOR it creates a vibrant platform for the dissemination and exploration of cutting-edge research findings. Furthermore, ISoOR maintains close ties with industry partners to jointly advance the application of organoid technique in areas such as disease modeling, drug screening, regenerative medicine, andprecision medicine.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

As a major technological breakthrough, organoids have been widely ultilized as an essential tool in various fields, especially in pre-clinical studies.  We aim to advance global research and translation in the field of developmental biology, disease pathogenesis, drug discovery, tissue engineering, personalized treatment, regenerative medicine, etc.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading advocate and guide of organoid research and to advance the understanding of organoids. With the development of technology and standardized procedures, organoids are going to be a better model for understanding human biology and exploring disease treatment.

Our Mission and Vision