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ISoOR Organoid Events
ISoOR Organoid Events
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Members Perspectives on Organoids

  • Organoids offer a promising avenue for advancing our understanding of human biology and disease. By mimicking the structure and function of organs, they provide a powerful tool for drug discovery and personalized medicine.

    Peter E. LOBIE

    Peter E. LOBIE Tsinghua-berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI)

  • Organoids are a revolutionary step forward in new drug development. They provide detailed, human-specific models that speed up the discovery and validation of targeted therapies. Their ability to simulate complex organ structures and functions paves the way for more efficient and effective drug testing.

    Xun ZHU

    Xun ZHU Tongxieyi New Drug Elite Club

  • Organoids stand at the forefront of biomedical research, offering unprecedented insights intouman organ development and disease pathology. Looking ahead, their potential in personalized medicine, disease modeling, and regenerative therapies is immense, promising transformative advances in healthcare.

    Nikolce Rathnam

    Nikolce Rathnam ISoOR

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