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Co-creating a New Era for Organoids: Successful Conclusion of the International Society of Organoid Research's First Annual Meeting

From August 7 to 8, 2023, the International Society of Organoid Research (ISoOR) held its inaugural annual meeting in Singapore. Hosted by ISoOR and co-organized by the Pharmacological Society (Singapore) and Scipolis, the conference was themed "Organoid: Accelerate Your Research." It delved into subjects such as "Organoids and Precision Medicine," "Organoids and Regenerative Medicine," "Organoids and New Drug Development," as well as "The Organoid Market from an Investor's Perspective." The event focused on the entire spectrum of the organoid industry, from basic research to industrial advancement, and the ongoing development and challenges faced in clinical applications. Participants engaged in rich discussions and exchanges, and initiated global standards for organoid banks. The organoid conference brought together globally renowned experts and industry leaders, facilitating international top-tier academic exchanges and fostering collaboration to explore new frontiers in the field of organoids."

Keynote address

At the beginning of the conference, Professor Dean Ho, Honorary Chairman of ISoOR and Head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the National University of Singapore (NUS), gave the opening address, warmly welcoming the experts, scholars, and guests who had traveled from afar, followed by sharing of his research work. Next, Professor Xun Zhu, the Founding Chairman of the Tong Xieyi New Drug Elite Club, provided an insightful perspective on the opportunities and challenges associated with organoid technology in the field of new drug development. Following him, Professor Xian Jun LOH, Director of A*STAR, IMRE, discussed the applications of biomaterials in the field of organoids and gave an overview of Singapore's scientific research landscape to the assembled participants. Finnally, Dr. Wei Li, CEO of Transfong Ventures, led the attendees through an exploration of Singapore's entrepreneurial investment environment, shedding light on the potential for collaborative opportunities between China and Singapore.

A grand founding ceremony was held at the conference, together with the initiation of international standards for organoid banks. This significant move will promote standardization within the field of organoids, aiding in ensuring the quality and safety of organoid products, and better advancing the application of organoid technology to benefit more patients.

Insightful speeches

Experts in attendance delivered insightful speeches and engaged in lively discussions on a wide array of subjects. These ranged from the "Establishment of New Organoid Models" and "The Application of Biomaterials in Organoids" to the "Automation and Standardization of Organoids," "The Role of Organoids in New Drug Development," "Organoids and Regenerative Medicine," and "Clinical Applications of Organoids." Participants deeply explored these topics, sharing their latest research achievements and industry insights. Additionally, two round-table forums were conducted, focusing on the future market prospects for organoids from an investor's standpoint and the current and future landscape of organoids in clinical applications, as viewed by clinical practitioners.

The two-day International Organoid Research Conference drew to a successful close on August 8th, filled with fruitful discussions and shared achievements. This installment of the conference brought together renowned experts from around the world in the field of organoids for deep exploration and collaboration. Through their intensive discussions, shared insights, and academic exchange, they fostered innovation and a synthesis of ideas. With organoid technology revealing vast potential in such areas as disease modeling, drug development, and precision medicine, the prospects for future market growth are bright indeed.

The International Society of Organoid Research (ISoOR) adheres to the mission of creating a specialized academic platform for professionals engaged in organoid research, as well as for all those in society with an interest in this field. By synergizing resources across the industrial, academic, and research sectors, the society is committed to nurturing the healthy and global development of organoid technology and its translational application. The initiation of ISoOR standards for organoids, announced at the conference, serves as a pivotal step to standardize and promote scientific research in the field, signifying a new phase in the deepening and expansion of international organoid technology.

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