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A New Frontier in Science: ISoOR Launches Journal of Organoid & Bioscience

A New Frontier in Science: ISoOR Launches Journal of Organoid & BioscienceThe International Society of Organoid Research (ISoOR) recently marked a significant advancement in the organoid field with the introduction of its new publication: Journal of Organoid & Bioscience (JOBs). JOBs distinguishes itself as a premier open-access, peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to groundbreaking research in organoids, covering basic, translational, related studies, etc.


This initiative reflects ISoOR's commitment to high-quality research and its significant role in advancing the organoid field, making it an essential resource for a global audience of researchers, clinicians, and academics. The organoid journal welcomes contributions that embody diverse global perspectives, emphasizing the importance of an inclusive environment that fosters dialogue, innovation, and knowledge advancement in both organoid and bioscience.


Further enhancing its impact,  papers of particular interest published in the journal will receive promotions. This includes featuring them on the journal's website, across various social media platforms, and through other media outlets, ensuring that the work of researchers receives maximum recognition and impact.


The launch of Journal of Organoid & Bioscience marks a significant milestone in the field of organoid research and biosciences. It provides a platform for fostering global scientific dialogue. Researchers and academics worldwide are invited to contribute to this dynamic and evolving field, being part of an exciting scientific journey.


For more information on Journal of Organoid & Bioscience , visit the journal website at

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